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Over her 15 years as a professional entertainer, Sharon Geller has developed many comedic characters for birthday parties, special events, murder mysteries and corporate meetings.

Her skill as an improvisor and her comedic timing enable her to appear anywhere with a variety of costumes and wigs.

Whether she works scripted or improvisationally, Sharon is always ready for an artistic challenge!

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When They Break Up A Party .......... Dey Break Up A Party !!!!!

Gina Ginotti and Gino Genetti
Gina Ginotti and Gino Genetti
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Let These Two Bust Up Your Next Party And We Promise You After These Two Jokers Read You The Riot Act You'll Have A Whole New Take On The Policemen's Ball

Modus Operandi: Two bungling New York cops show up at your next event, grill and roast your guests. When they get finished with them someone is actually arrested, handcuffed and taken away. Of course...... arrangements could be made for their $afe return to the party.

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Doctor and Nurse
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