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Sharon Geller  -  SAG.AFTRA.CORE
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Eyes: Green  -  Weight: 110  -  Hair: Brown  -  Height: 5'2"

Saturday Night Live (twice) Opening sketch & Weekend Update NBC
Sex and the City Sharon HBO
The TODAY Show (principal) NBC
Arrest and Trial (principal) FOX
QVC (principal) QVC
Chat 24 (talk show) (principal-HOST) Cable TV (daily)
Comedy Cabaret (principal) Cable TV (weekly)
Saturday Night Live U.N. Diplomat/Martha Stewart looter NBC
Class Acts Comedy Improv Chicago City Limits
Flying Monkeys Comedy Improv West End Gate
Comic Relief (improv troupe) Sketch & Improv Clubs & Theatres
Comedy Cabaret Sketch Comedy Cable TV (weekly)
Winner! - July Monologue Slam Kathy & Mo Show Fringe Festival!!
Harriett Levy - Jews Gone Wild! Levite Todd Waddington
The Women Nancy Carolyn Byrne
Hold Please Grace Rebecca Wright
I Stand Before You Naked The Boy Myra Bazell
Friends Superintendant Greg Giovanni
All in the Timing-Univ. Lang; The Phila. Instructor; Waitress Neill Hartley
The Riding Club (reading) Patty Lynn Bill Roudebush
Chamber Music Mrs. Mozart Helena White
Shear Madness Barbara DeMarco Bob Lohrman
Beau Jest Sarah Dominic Scudera
Tony & Tina's Wedding Carmella Larry Pelligrini
P.S. Your Cat is Dead Kate Frank Burd
Groucho - 1 Man Show w/ 2 Women Vaudevillian; socialite Otto Maximillian
A Christmas Carol Cratchitt/Cook/Belle R.J. Lewis
The Diary of Anne Frank Mrs. Van Daan Carla Childs
Fog (reading) Rachael Drucie McDaniel
A Few Hours in Hell Gretchen Stu Shames
Voice of Generations Lorraine NY Dramatist Guild
48-Hour Film Project - WINNER! The Making of "Bush-The Musical" Sam Cohen
The Sixth Sense   M. Night Shayamalan
Wide Awake   M. Night Shayamalan
Twelve Monkeys Doris Terry Gilliam
Philadelphia Susan Jonathan Demme
Rocky V Jesse United Artists
Shannon's Deal Tess NBC
A More Perfect Union Rebecca PBS
TV & RADIO COMMERCIALS / PRINT: Conflicts Upon Request
INDUSTRIALS: FDIC; Nynex; Roche; Astra Merck; Boehringer Mannheim; Rhone Poulenc Rorer; Aventis; Sherring Plough; Aetna US Healthcare; Orthobiotechnologies; Rite Aid
SPECIAL SKILLS: Drummer, masseuse, moves well, great w/ animals, cartoonist, improv, comedy characters
DIALECTS/ACCENTS: Southern; British-upper & cockney; Jewish, etc...
TRAINING: Bill Roudebush; Ruth Nerken; Irene Baird; Paul Ryan (CBS); Walnut St. Theatre; WB; Chicago City Limits; Manhattan Punch Line; Comedy Sportz; Actors in Advertising

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