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"You are one of the most talented, hard working actors I have ever worked with. Your flexibility is beyond reproach. My client made changes several times on an approved script as well as on the day of filming. Your professionalism never waivered, you remained positive, and the end result was phenomenal! I am extremely impressed with your excellent work and look forward to working with you again."

Karen Galvin
Vision Enterprises


"You were a joy to work with in the development of our training videos. Your ability to convey the important nuances of the scenarios we were shooting in very few takes made it possible to finish the project on time and on budget. I would highly recommend you to anyone"

Robert Schwarz
Director, Producer, Writer
Mars Venus Workplace Video series


"Thanks for another great job. The client couldn’t say enough about how ‘real’ you seemed and how their audience will believe that you really are a hospital administrator. Everyone, including myself, was very happy with the shoot!"

Ken Ryzner


"What an amazing performance you gave! Everyone, even the lab people said so! We really appreciate all of your work and time you dedicated to the project."

Karen Dee Carpenter
director, Sarah and Dee
(independent film)

"I have had the distinct pleasure of directing Sharon in a small dramatic film. I was awed by the compassion and empathy for the character she portrayed and overwhelmed by the power that was exhibited in the final piece. Sharon is a consummate professional, who brings great spirit and skill to the set.

In my opinion, she should be at the top of every casting directors A-List. A hearty round of applause for Sharon Geller!"

Rand Snyderman
Managing Director, Creative Director, Imagin

"What a talent! Thank you for bringing it to our film - you were a hoot... and what a range! Really! I feel blessed!"

Michelle Pollino
Chicken and Stars Productions

"I can’t believe how much I enjoyed “Bush: The Musical”. It was quite clear you were the best thing in the production…very, very funny!"

Linda Feder


"Few things can be accomplished without the dedication of so many people. I sincerely, and particularly want to thank you, Sharon, for all your help in the process. Without your wonderful qualities of care, talent, and professionalism, the qualities of our product, SoapRockettes, might not be known so well to so many. Thank you again for all the attention that you have given to our products."

Todd S. Pink
Founder, SoapRockettes


"When Sharon Geller walks into the studio, we all know that there will be (a) laughter (b) a fast, energetic recording session and (c) a very happy client. Sharon makes every voice believable and relatable, whether she's playing a teenager, a mom, a grandmom, a concerned citizen or any other character we throw at her. Her improv chops have also saved more than one lame script in the studio. I happily recommend Sharon to everyone except my competitors."

David Witz
Producer, Director


Elliott Curson
Elliott Curson Advertising

"Thank you for sharing your terrific talent with the Grouping Approach. I couldn’t stop listening to your voice and I couldn’t have asked for a better result!"

Ora Kesselman
The Grouping Approach

"We really believe that your voice was ideal for the "computer." Thanks so much for helping us with this project and really making it exactly as we imagined! I hope to work with you more!"

Leslie Birch
Human Plus Nature


"One of my staff members said he learned more in the 2 hours with you than he did in the entire previous week of training. Others asked that we make sure your workshop remains part of the training program each year."

"It was so great to hear them laughing and sharing with your group and with one another. I strongly feel that the workshop you conducted with them is directly responsible for how well they have bonded and how open they are with one another in terms of sharing ideas and supporting each other. Many thanks for a job well done!"

Tabitha Dell'Angelo
University of Pennsylvania
House Dean
Hamilton College House

"Your ability to listen to the audience and maintain your artistic focus is masterful. You exhibit exceptional leadership and your creative spark and ability to grasp the nuances of varied issues makes you a valuable asset to our department. You are consistently open to trying new ideas and collaborating with our staff. You honor the values of our agency by your honest, thoughtful and compassionate work. You're excellent!"

Sara Wenger, M.S.
Jewish Family and Children's Service

"The PA. Activity Professional Association board would like to thank you for adding to the quality of the 2005 conference. When planning such events, it takes time, talent and attention to get the job done. You certainly gave the utmost! Thank you for being contagiously exciting and fun! I am looking forward to working with you in the future!"

Sandra Farmer, ADC
2005 PAPA Conference Chair

"Thank you so much for participating at our conference. The session was a huge hit and I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Lisa Case

"WOW! Corporate Action Theatre was outstanding! The students were mesmerized and Sharon Geller is phenomenal!"

Carrie Walinsky
Congregation Kol Emet

"Thank you so much for bringing your improv troupe to the Wissahickon School District's Family Awareness Night. You were clearly the highlight of the night!"

Beth Logue, Teresa Coggshall
Family Awareness Committee

"I want to thank you for the wonderful comedy improvisation workshop you presented at Drexel. All of the students are still talking about it with joy!"

Bonnie Bailis, M.Ed

"You and your troupe were amazing! Thank you so much for working so hard."

Marc Merves
Program Director
Camp Green Lane

"Thank you again for the great entertainment the other night!" The teens really enjoyed themselves - not to mention myself!"

Chevi Frankel
The Friendship Circle


"Thanks for your great work. I feel fortunate to work with you as you make each event simple and successful. Your ease with people and your ability to apply your knowledge to each situation is really an unbeatable combo!"

Kate Stockton
Stockton & Partners

"Thank you for the wonderful murder mystery and the raps. You and your team were terrific! So professional and yet so personable. Everyone truly enjoyed the afternoon."

Linda Tolve
Data Quality Specialist
IEEE Business & Data Related Services

"Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution to our fundraising evening. Laurel was not exaggerating in the least when she raved about you! You are extremely talented, warm and lovely. Thank you for sharing your talents."

Judith Woloff
Social Worker
JCC Stiffel Senior Center

"Thank you for hosting our annual awards reception at the PSHP Annual Assembly. Everyone enjoyed the humor that you brought to the event."

Robin Geary
Exhibits/Meeting Manager

"How can I ever thank you enough for what you and the other actors did yesterday? We do a good number of bar and bat mitzvahs for special needs kids and we try to be creative and come up with themes and parties that are all about the child without making them feel uncomfortable. Yesterday was perfect! Just the right emphasis on the guest of honor.The bar mitzvah boy was thrilled from the beginning to the end and so were his parents and every guest in attendance! The party was a huge success and I look forward to working with you again!"

Heidi Francus
Craig Neier Productions

"You and your musical improv troupe were amazing! The birthday party was a huge success and everyone loved you!"

Gwen Stern


"I thought your performance in “All in the Timing” was absolutely great. You were hysterical. You reminded me of Gilda Radner."

John Cregar

"I've seen Sharon perform many times. I sometimes think that there are ten thousand people living inside of her that she lets out on stage. She is a chameleon, about to become ANY character and sell it absolutely. I've seen her shift from a sexy ingénue to a dowdy spinster in a split second; or a bawdy showgirl to a moneyed dowager to the girl next door seamlessly. And I’ve had the opportunity to observe her teaching style, which draws on a deep knowledge of her craft and the need of an audience to be thoroughly entertained. Sharon is the kind of industry professional that gives acting a good name. She has my highest recommendation."

Jonathan Maberry
Owner, Jonathan Maberry Productions LLC

"Sharon Geller is a very talented performer in many areas. She always shines when on stage or in a performance area. I have worked with Sharon for over twenty years in many different cities doing corporate shows as well as Theater. She is the consummate professional. Always prepared for the job and her improv is exceptional. She is great with or without a script."

Gene Terinoni
Actor, Singer


"Sharon is a fantastic acting instructor. She ensures that every students feels safe, welcome and appreciated. Sharon's enthusiasm is infectious and every class is not only a new adventure, but a joy to attend. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I hope you don't mind me borrowing your techniques to improve the training we conduct for our more than 90,000 employees. Whether you have the 'acting bug', want to gain more confidence with public speaking, or just have fun, TAKE SHARON'S CLASS!"

Dave Ferrier
Instructional Designer

"You're a great teacher and you know how to create an interactive non-judgemental environment by encouraging your students to be more. I will definitely plan on taking another class with you in the future."

Timothy Ward

"I just wanted to thank you for what you said, always for what you do. I really loved the class! It feels great taking more chances. What a stick-in-the-mud I was! True mark of a good teacher - patience!!!"

Sheila Weinstein

"Working with you has given me more confidence in my improv skills. Thank you for the open and safe atmosphere you provide in your workshops!"

Maggy Keegan

"Thank you for the wonderful experiences I had in your classes. I learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it!"

Debra Schroeder Thompson

"You're my fave improv teacher in the world, Sharon!"

Thomas Roy
PA. Renaissance Faire Productions


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