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murder mysteries

Comedy Murder Mystery Shows that will kill your audience WITH LAUGHTER. Laughs abound as your guests meet the characters, and watch one of them die dramatically. Then your guests get to play detective and figure out who did it and why. An evening of entertainment at a reasonable price. We supply the actors, props, programs and ballots, you simply supply the prizes and the place.

Why murder? Murder Mystery shows are the perfect entertainment for groups of any size. Whether used for team-building, a corporate night of relaxation, or just a fun night out, these shows kill! What could be better than to encounter a group of outrageous characters, one of whom meets with foul play before the night's end, and then solve the case? Plus, each of our shows is unique. There is never a set ending because we actually act out the solution created by you, the audience!

How is it done? Our characters start each show by mingling with the guests as they arrive, striking up conversations and introducing the theme of the evening. During dinner, we present each scene around the courses of food, or with appropriate breaks at a buffet dinner. This way, the story is advanced with intervals for the guests to talk, speeches to be made or music played.

As the story line progresses, a "murder" occurs. Accusations are bandied about by the actors with a motive revealed for each character. To top it off, we pass out ballots to the audience asking them to write down who they think did it and why. We quickly review the ballots and find the best and funniest answers.

Finally, with only a few moments of preparation, the actors "reveal" the killer, using the reasons stated in the winning ballot. We then read the best answers and award prizes to the winners.

Why Murderworks? MurderWorks has a unique advantage in that all of our performers are experienced improvisational actors who know how to interact and involve the crowd. They have a background in comedy to keep the laughs coming.

In addition, all of our Murder Mystery shows are written in-house and therefore, custom shows can be created to fit your theme, meeting or idea. Or you can select a show from the many in our repertoire. There is no limitation to the possibilities.

What do we need?? The shows can be done anywhere, though a smaller space may limit some of the effects that are possible. We bring the actors, costumes and props as well as programs, ballots and writing utensils.

We only ask that the host supply any gifts to be given for the winning answer. Ballots can be done on an individual basis or one per table for team building. If so, please provide enough prizes for the entire winning team.

And finally... We have presented our Murder Mystery shows for over 15 years in venues that include Atlantic City casinoes and corporate clients such as Hoffman LaRoche and AT&T.

Experience and quality are the most important factors in entertainment and you will get them everytime with MurderWorks!

Check out the following shows:

Soap Suds of Death
Be swept away to the Tenth Annual “Meanie” Awards, created to honor Soap Opera villains. You’ll meet a group of bad guys and girls from down-on-his-luck Emcee Stud Silver to vicious Vanna Victoria. Also nominated are busty Crystal Light, Drew Rudely, Mike Hunk, and seven-time loser Suzanne Latchon. Will this group stop at nothing as they compete for the coveted prize? Even---murder? This comedy is a parody of those endless award shows and a tribute to those people you love to hate, the kings and queens of the Soaps.

The Sopraninnis - A murder in the family
Tony Sopraninni cordially invites you to a hilarious evening of mobster mayhem. Tony’s personal troubles have led him to therapist, Wendy Waycalm, who has brought the clan together for a group session. All of Tony’s wacky relatives will be there, his criminal father, Luigi, his trollop sister Scungili, and his put-upon wife Primavera, as well as his loser wise guy friend, Lorenzo. Will Wendy ease the family tensions that could lead to -- MURDER?

A Slaying with the Steins
Frank N. Stein and his lovely wife, Zelda, welcome you to their 150th wedding anniversary! This lovely couple resembles a famous monster and a witch, which makes this the perfect Halloween show.

All the family will be there - Grandpa, the retired vampire; Wolfie, the man with a radio show and a face full of fur; Count Beetle Guy, the cool ghoul; and Serpentina, an old flame that still burns hot. One of the guests meets with foul play. Who will it be? You'll love this show presented in the style of the Monsters with the Addams Family.

Hallow's Eve Homicide
The creepiest group of night crawlers ever assembled come together for their annual Halloween gathering to vote for the new 'head haunter.' The competition is tough as Phun Ghoul, the current winner, intends to stay on top. He has an ages-old conflict with J.J. Ghastley who plans to make himself the new leader of the ghouls and Phil Spectre, Vampire Deluxe. Serpentina, a creature known as a 'phantasm' and Boo Boo McScare, a grave digger who is a gold digger, are all vying for the coveted position. It looks like only Kasper, the friendly ghoul, is the only one not clawing her way to the top, but for what mysterious purpose? This show will frighten you---into gales of laughter!

Murder on the Unique Express
Get your tickets and get ready to ride with a group of famous detectives who are traveling on that famous train, The Unique Express. You'll meet Lt. Coldumbo, the rumpled homicide specialist, Miss Marbles, who acts more like miss Manners, and Hercules Parrot, the French sleuth. Also on the train is the Victorian Dreadlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Weston and Mrs. Flasher, a mysterious stranger who---stranger still---meets with foul play.

Join this group of sleuths as they try to find the killer before the body count rises. There will be laughs galore as the famous murder authorities can barely agree on anything or get along at all. The audience will help them find the killer, who is ultimately picked by the spectators themselves. A terrific parody of all of those detective shows you know and love!

Green Beer of Death
Welcome to O’Malley’s Irish Pub, where the owner, Jack O’Malley, is preparing for the St. Patrick’s Festivities. He will have a lot to celebrate if Patty O’Furniture buys his pub for an obscenely high price. But Jack is missing one essential part of the sale, which requires the assistance of research scientist Sheldon Pending. Could it be that Sam, the handsome bartender, or Toni, the bubble-headed waitress, has what Jack needs? And who is the mysterious Erin-- assisting Patty with the purchase? When Jack ends up poisoned by his own beer, it is up to the others AND the audience to track down the killer before he can vanish.

The Home-Coming Homicide or Peggy Sue got Murdered
You’ll be brought by Professor E. Irving Irwin, the school chaperone, to the reunion of the class of 1959. There you’ll meet: Todd, a ne’er-do-well with an Elvis complex; Spike, a biker stuck in his own time warp; Peggy Sue, it’s her party and she’ll cry if she wants to; Dotty, unlucky at love ; Veronica, former Homecoming queen, there to take control and crown the new girl to follow in her footsteps. Together once again, tempers fly, old wounds are revealed, and one of the characters meets with foul play. With the help of the audience, the killer must be found before he or she can strike again. This is one of our most popular shows, complete with enough comedy to knock your bobby socks off.

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